Nourish Your Family With Chemical-free, Grass Fed Beef & Lamb

Slow Cooked Lamb

We’re here to help nourish your family with chemical-free, grass fed beef and lamb. We want families to have access to food that is tasty, good for their health, good for the environment and good for their wallets.

Working with nature is the ONLY way to achieve the nutrient density we require in our food. We aim to produce top quality, good tasting and, above all, healthy food.

By choice, we’re not organic. Our emphasis is on animal welfare and clean, natural, nutritional farming practices and while organic is most of this, it does require certification. Organic certification is a very expensive process, which doesn’t guarantee a higher standard of animal welfare or the nutrient density of your food. We want everyone to experience ethically farmed meat, not just those that can afford organic.

Why Buy From Us?

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We aim to produce top quality, tasty but above all healthy food. At the same time, we treat our animals ethically and kindly.

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When you buy a product from us you directly support the farmer that produced it.


To Melbourne CBD or to large Tasmanian towns serviced by bus.

How To Buy FROM US?

We sell direct to you so that your family can eat healthy food at an affordable price.

To keep the costs down, we suggest you form a bulk purchasing group with like-minded friends and family. We’ve found that getting 10 people together per group works out best and means that each person has access to a selection of all our meat cuts.

There are both joints for a Sunday roast, as well as cuts for slow cooking as well as some steaks for quick and easy meals. If you haven’t slow cooked before, a selection of mouth-watering slow-cooked meat dishes is available in our recipes area.

Delivery cost is included to the bus depot of Tasmanian towns serviced by bus and by refrigerated courier to Melbourne within 5km of the CBD. All the meat comes pre-packaged in 15-20kg sub-packs, ready to distribute to each group member.

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If you are not happy with your order, for whatever reason, please contact us by phone on 0419 372 192 to discuss any issue you are having. As all of our products are perishable, it is important that you contact us immediately so that the problem can be rectified. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with any of the items that have been delivered to you we will refund to you the value of that item, no questions asked, no conditions apply.
About Us

We produce grass fed beef and lamb for people interested in their health. Supply is limited, so the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. All produce is totally chemical free using minerals and beneficial soil bacteria & fungi to maintain soil, plant and animal health.

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Our Farm
Our Farm

We’re on the East Coast of Tasmania at 506m above sea level. From the farm, we overlook the coast past Falmouth, Beaumaris and Scamander to St Helens. North of us are rolling timber covered hills to the Blue Tier and in the distance Mt Victoria, Albert and Young.

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