Answers to our most common questions

I'm not sure what to do with this cut of meat. Do you have instructions or recipes?

Yes, we certainly do. Each pack of meat that you order from us comes with instructions on how to store the product, along with general cooking instructions and recipes.

We also have started a Recipes section page. But we would love to hear from customers their favourite beef and lamb recipes and welcome their hints for successful cooking. Please send them so we can include them for others.

Is your meat certified Organic?

No, but it is 100% chemical and hormone free. We explain on ’Our Farm’ just how we farm and what the practice entails to ensure no chemical are required.

Is your meat Halal?

No, we don’t slaughter our lamb or beef to Halal specifications.

I follow a Paleo diet. Do your products contain grains?

No, definitely not. Our beef and lamb are 100% grass fed.

How long does it take to deliver?

When we have sufficient orders for a pallet it will take 2-3 weeks. Group orders can be collected from a central depot but individual orders can be delivered within the Melbourne CBD.

Where do you deliver?

At this stage Melbourne. However, because of lower freight charges, orders of 10 kg can be delivered within Tasmania.

Have you been in the media?

Here is an article that was written about us in the Tasmanian Mercury – read it here.

How are your animals slaughtered? Is it ethical?

Our cattle and sheep are killed with an absolute minimum of stress and fear. No long miles of transport packed into stock trucks and no terror at a large abattoir.

All animals are humanely processed (most time one beast only and perhaps two or three sheep/lambs) in a small country abattoir twenty minutes away. They are hung for 10-14 days, cut up and brought back to Seaview Farm for final trimming, packaging and freezing. All premises are licenced by the relevant authorities.

We respect the animals that feed us by using all the carcass – not just selective bits.

Can I buy selective cuts?

We only sell bulk packs and not individual cuts. Because we are a small boutique-style farm we are only able to supply in bulk. The cost of freight for small orders and selective cuts would be prohibitive.

How do I order?

For a group order, it is best to get 10 people or two to three families to share. If the order is for an individual you will need to wait until we have enough to make up a pallet. This may take a bit longer than putting in a group order.

How long would my order last?

This will depend on the amount of meat consumed. 

A beast weighing 150 kg split between three families, that is 50+ kg each, assuming they eat 2.5 kg a week, this would last 20 weeks.

For singles – a full beef pack of 150 kg+, shared by 10 individuals would mean 15+ kg packs.  Assuming they eat approximately 625 grams per week, this would last up to 24 weeks.

When will my order arrive?

Once we have sufficient orders to make a pallet you will contacted and then it will take two to three weeks to prepare and ship the order from when we receive it.

How much space will I need in my freezer?

A 10kg pack will take about the same room as 8-10 standard-sized loaves of bread in your freezer.

Our packs are frozen flat, so they are easy to store inyourfreezer.

Please get in contact if you aren’t sure how much room you’ll need.

Is it possible to stay on your farm?

Yes. Seaview Farm can accommodate eight in four double ensuite cabins adjoining a large communal kitchen and beautifully rustic renovated dairy for living space. For group bookings up to fifteen, we can accommodate overflow in Sky Cottage – more like a bunk house with own living room, kitchen and bathroom – sleeping seven. See Seaview Farmstay under Discover Tasmania.