A Boutique Operation

Frank Giles and his wife Julia Weston own “Seaview Farm”, a 161 hectare property near St Marys in Tasmania.

Seaview Farm is a boutique operation supplying a niche market. Supply is limited, so the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. All produce is totally chemical free using minerals and beneficial soil bacteria & fungi to maintain soil, plant and animal health.

Because it follows from this practice that human health is a by-product, I am growing for those who are determined to eat healthy produce – interested in their own and their family’s health. I have asked why, over the past 40 plus years, I have seen the health of each generation deteriorate. Why is it that diseases that affected older people are now occurring at a younger age? A growing number of medical professionals now confirm that a major cause of this is due to the food we eat. And it is likely the increase in weedicides, fungicides and pesticides together with some human-made fertilisers & reduction of necessary soil bacteria & fungi have contributed significantly to this.

We have limited arable land so it is crucial that every inch of this land should be as healthy and productive as possible. The practice of nutrition farming makes this possible.

Originally called biological farming, nutrition farming is the highest form of sustainable agriculture. Nutri -Tech Solutions supply the majority of our fertilisers from Queensland where I initially attended three courses. Since then I have read extensively and widely on the subject.

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